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Hi there, my name is Autumn

and I am the founder of Backyard Fern!


I was born and raised in New Hampshire. As kids my brother and I got to watch our parents build our childhood home, from the clearing of the land to building the timber frame. Not only did this make me correlate hard work with joy from a young age, but I also quickly fell in love with the woods surrounding our home. I spent countless carefree days frolicking through our fern covered backyard.  As a young girl it was clear that I was a little hippie at heart, and wanted to have a positive impact on the natural world I was so amazed by. 


At the age of 27, the woods still called me as they did when I was a child. And so I took to the forest and ventured 200 miles on a backpacking trip. The long walk cleared my mind and I was able to see what was truly important to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about environmental sustainability! Being submerged back into nature made me hyper aware of my habits as a consumer back home, and their negative impact on the world. I returned with my eyes set on bringing Backyard Fern to life!


Previously, whenever I shopped online I would end up in an internet rabbit hole. I would spend hours researching the environmental ramifications of my next purchase! What’s worse is that I’d only receive vague half-answers from retailers. So, I created a haven for conscious shoppers like myself. When you shop at Backyard Fern you can be confident that every product available is sustainable, non-toxic, 100% vegan, handmade or hand printed,  and plastic free (whew!). And rest assured - all orders from Backyard Fern are sent using only eco-friendly packaging and carbon neutral shipping. 


Here’s to changing the way the nation shops and the standard of home goods.    

Here's to changing the world.


​With Gratitude,


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