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Love, Green

Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Love, Green

Love, Green is a woman-owned small business that offers natural, clean, and vegan products. The owner, Kaylee, started her brand with a commitment to offer her community products that are non-toxic with all natural ingredients. As a proud immigrant woman, she also wants to use her brand to advocate and raise awareness for BIPOC women owned businesses.

Each product that Kaylee creates tells a little of her life, or is inspired by the people around her that she wants to share with you. Whenevershe makes her products she has to be in an absolutely clear head space, and a calming and happy environment!
“Self-care is not selfish,” states the founder. Love, Green beauty products are made to make you fall in love with yourself, learn about your body, and embrace your beauty. Kaylee wants to provide you with positive and zen energy, with the most minimalistic products, that are handmade with so much love. She says, “GODDESS ENERGY IS HERE AND WITHIN YOU.” Kaylee believes that everything in life has a soul and its own energy that can carry through time and space to the next destination.

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