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Sustainable Packaging
(all made within the USA!)

Backyard Fern utilizes no plastic bubble wrap, air pillows, or other wasteful packaging!

We utilize void fill (the wrapping and crumpled paper protecting products during shipment) made from 100% recycled and curbside recyclable kraft paper.

All of the void fill we use is 100% biodegradable!

Backyard Fern utilizes the only zero waste shipping labels and stickers on the market!

They are the only labels and stickers available that have 100% recycled and curbside recyclable liners, meaning that we aren't filling our landfills with the backings of shipping labels and stickers like the majority of other businesses!
The stickers are free from typical plastic coatings, and both the labels and stickers are made from 100% post consumer waste meaning no new trees were destroyed to make them!

 Our shipping labels and stickers are also 100% biodegradable.​

Backyard Fern utilizes no plastic film shipping tape. We only use kraft paper tapes! 

Our brown kraft tapes are special because they use a plant-derived biodegradable adhesive.

We use both reinforced and non-reinforced kraft tapes.
The non-reinforced tape is 100% recyclable and biodegradable!
Boxes with reinforced tape attached (which contain glass threads for added strength)
are curbside recyclable, as the threads are separated during the recycling process. 

All of our brown kraft tapes are made from at least 50% recycled material.

Backyard Fern utilizes a variety of different mailers (shipping envelopes) and boxes -
all of which are curbside recyclable, 
made from either 100% recycled kraft paper (mailers)
or 100% recycled corrugated kraft cardboard (boxes)! 

Certified Carbon Neutral Shipping

We offset our shipments through
where we pay a yearly shipping emissions fee that is calculated based on our yearly shipping data.
Each year's contribution goes towards environmental projects
such as 
reforestation and renewable energy.

All offset projects are verified by a variety of third party organizations
to the highest certification standards.

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